Breathing With Lily Breathing with Lily cover

Lily and her mom turn a bad day around with a few simple breaths.

By Hayley Parlen and pictures by Daria Tavoularis

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“I was upset earlier because my friend said something mean, and now I know I can breathe to help me feel better.”
–9 year-old reader

“This lovely book provides a beautiful lesson for all ages and it also gives kids an important tool that will be invaluable for the rest of their lives... using the breath to ease stress. I wish I learned that when I was young!”
–Amazon Reviewer

“I bought this book for my 9-year old, who thoroughly enjoyed it. It helped greatly with our discussion of how to deal with the bad feelings that occasionally trouble us, and how to calm the internal tempests that they sometimes engender. I highly recommend the book.”
–Amazon Reviewer